Review – Bonds of Justice & Play of Passion

Holy crap that was enjoyable.  I am now coming down off a four-book Psy-Changeling high.  Be warned, this series is addictive, it causes you to cry at strange moments and your family might try to stage an intervention just so they can grab some of your attention.  I managed to get dinner on the table, on or about the normal time while immersed, so I was actually quite proud of myself.  Pathetic, but true!

So why are these books so good?  They have a lot of romance, but while the sex is hot, it is the dance that is the most fun to read about.  The push/pull the characters force each other to go through, the overcoming the issues that keep them apart and the joy the characters find in each other when they had previously been so hurting/emotionless/lost their loved one already and getting a second chance at life.  Because truly, that is what Singh seems to be saying – feel, enjoy, love, play, touch, fight, it is essential.  It can be scary as hell, but the reward outweighs the risks once you “claim your prize”. 

So the characters have external or emotional obstacles, usually both, and there is usually some form of life or death issue because this is not a simple world Singh has created.  It is gritty and raw and pretty damn violent.   

Bonds of Justice: Ok – I think that was my favorite one of the series so far.  I just wiped the little tears from my eyes and, yep, I really really liked that one. Why? It is exciting, tense, the romance and the story arc meld so that they are equally important in the book. A lot happens with the leads and it was sweet. I liked both the lead characters, Max (a human and the cop that helped out Talin) and a Justice Psy named Sophia, they are a great addition to the “good guys” and the book showed some of “bad guys” who are starting to behave a bit differently.  Hmmm…

So there is a serial killer storyline, a human Max caught and Sophia is trying to retrieve the memories of where he hid the victim’s bodies.  He is thoroughly terrible.  Max and Sophia are also pulled to San Francisco to work for Nikita.  Someone is killing her closest advisors and she asks them to help her find the killer.   Additionally Sophia is on the verge of full mental collapse.  This is a tiny bit of a procedural and there is a mystery element.  Max is a little bit changeling-ish, which I like, pushy, emotional, issues and all.  Sophia has major issues too, besides the Psy-Silence thing.  Their love and the direction the series story takes is exciting and really makes me want to read more to know What happens next?!    4.5 stars

Play of Passion.  This one is about Andrew (Riley’s little brother) and Indigo, a SnowDancer lieutenant.  I do love it when those changelings get together.  They are emotional, territorial, jealous and have sharp claws and teeth.  It is quite an emotional ride and they are shameless.  Drew in particular makes this story so much fun, because while he is a dominant, and Indigo is as well, he is young, and playful and has the ability to pull the rug out from under her by pranks and sweetness.  Indigo has some real concerns which Drew has to overcome.  There are some rocky patches and fighting and some good apologies.  Additionally, the series world intrudes on the wolf pack in a big way, as a war is brewing.  The Council is split into two factions and the first move will be made, turning their world upside down.

These books are thoroughly engaging and I would keep reading if I had the next book.  I especially love that the romantic leads change with every book, so you really get to know and follow new characters, even as they interact with the leads from previous books.  Again, 4.5 stars.


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I love to read! I always have a book or four going, I have more books in my to-be-read pile than I can read in a year and yet I continue to haunt the bookstores. I have a problem, but I somehow soldier on. I enjoy talking books, so pass on your recommendations and thoughts - I would love to hear them.
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