Review – Blood Cross

Blood Cross

by Faith Hunter

So, I am trying this “reading all the books I own in the series one after the other thing” and let me tell you, it is much easier to get into the book that way!  Well, second books are easier anyway, but Blood Cross picks up days after Skinwalker ends and the action hits hard and fast doesn’t stop.  I really enjoyed this book and am very much enjoying the series so far.

Jane has stayed in New Orleans to work for the vampire council.  They have asked her to find the vampire who is creating new vampires and letting them loose on the populace when feral and dangerous.  She also finds that witch children have been going missing for years and soon realizes the two are connected.  Jane has made some friends, is starting to set down roots and has Molly and the kids here while Big Evan is traveling.

Wow, the action hits hard and fast in this book.  She has to deal with her actions from the last book, she has the kids there to protect and she is feeling something for the vampires, humans and blood servants she is working with and helping.  The language where Beast is in control has been smoothed considerably and it was never as jarring as I found it to be in the first book.  We meet a few new characters, but mainly are involved with the interesting ones from Skinwalker.  I really enjoyed the fact that Molly and her kids were staying with Jane, and Beast was so nurturing because of them.  It rounds out and softens both sides of her character.  Additionally, we get a history lesson about the vampires, their mythology and their beginnings, which was fascinating and explains much about the vampires Jane is currently dealing with.  Jane even has some romantic entanglements.  Ooh la la.

So I liked this book better than the first.  It grabbed me much more quickly and I was very concerned about how things would end.  Jane is starting to become multi-dimensional and interesting, the world is opening up to include the witches and possibly other supernaturals and I am excited to see what she gets into next.  4 stars.

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