Review – Under Her Brass Corset

Under Her Brass Corset

by Brenda Williamson

Publisher – Carina Press

This is the first book I have received from  Yay!  Thank you Carina Press for letting me read this book ahead of the publication date!  It is actually being published today, February 27, 2012 so if you are interested it is available in ebook format.

I requested to read this book because of its Steampunk leanings.  I haven’t read any Steampunk (except for Soulless, which was great) and I was excited to try some.  What I didn’t realize but quickly understood is that this story was a romance adventure with fantasy and Steampunk elements.  So…there were many, many smexy bits – hot and steamy I tell you!

The story:  Abigail has had a tough time of things lately, her father was recently murdered, her mother passed away when she was younger and now she is having financial problems and may soon lose the house she grew up in.  The action and mystery start and ramp up quickly once Abigail meets the pirate Jasper, then finds Jasper’s ship and jumps aboard because he has stolen what she hopes is a treasure map from her house.  Treasure would be the answer to her financial woes and she would be able to keep her house.

Needless to say, they sail away to find the “treasure”.  Jasper has outfitted his ship so he can sail by himself, and he has some mega-cool gadgets.  He also created a brass corset which fits Abigail perfectly.  They are chased by pirates.  They run into sea creatures, they hang out with Juan Ponce de Leon, they fly.  There are immortals, Jasper was badly hurt 150 years ago and since then hasn’t befriended other mortals to keep his heart safe.  But Abigail becomes increasingly important to him.    

There are some oddities to the story.  Jasper is wearing an eye patch in the beginning.  No reason.  The brass corset?  Ok, he made it, she likes to wear it.  Abigail has a lot of sex with Jasper and later becomes increasingly paranoid that he is going to steal her treasure.  Then there is the troll. I guess some things are just to show there is more to the world than Abigail ever knew.  There is also the cat…I guess there will be a sequel because there are some dangling storylines otherwise.   

Abigail is an adventurous heroine.  She has a few consistency issues but she is pretty forward, knows what she wants and sets out to get it.  She has a tattoo and had sex before marriage.  Remember, Victorian England here…she should be more restrained.  But she is young, impetuous and because of that perfect for a romance novel.   She has a winner of a partner in Jasper the pirate who is sexy and handsome, smart, immortal, not afraid to cry and loves her to distraction.  They also have amazing chemistry.  Awww.  So sweet.

This adventure story was enjoyable, funny, sweet, sexy and ridiculous!  I want to go on that type of adventure with such a handsome, skilled (wink wink) pirate!  For an enjoyable escapist fantasy of a read, pick this book up.  I give it 3.5 stars.

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