Review – Mercy Blade

Mercy Blade

By Faith Hunter

I am enjoying being able to read series books close together.  I read stories so quickly sometimes that I have a hard time remembering names only a month later, and when you have to wait a whole year or more (::cough:: Patrick Rothfuss) it is really hard to get back into the storyline.  So, with that in mind I picked up the last Jane Yellowrock book I currently own and got to reading.  In fact, I got sucked into this book so quickly and deeply, my husband gave me a little crap for not being interested in anything besides the words on the page.  Maybe I should take a break before I crack a new book?  I don’t know if I can!

Jane is happy in her relationship, which is only a month old.  She has been able to take a break from the Big Easy and get back to the Appalachians for a much needed break with her honey, get all the rest of her stuff and move it to New Orleans, where she has accepted a full-time job from Leo to help with security.  Molly’s sister is a houseguest and is working with the witches for restitution from the events of the last book.  About one chapter in, Jane and Rick get called back quickly to handle the new supernaturals that have come out to the human world.  The two natured, or werewolves and werecats are announcing themselves to mankind and have some history with the long-lived vampires, Leo in particular.  History that Jane needs to understand before everything blows up in her face.

This was a crazy plotline of twists and turns, who is working with who, why and how?  The history of the were/vamp relationship is meted out so you don’t have the full story along with Jane, which makes for a wild ride!  She is playing catch up the entire book, until she isn’t and can finally kick some ass like she wants to the entire time.  We get some new and interesting characters.  Some of the original characters piss you off, what the heck are they doing?!  Some characters grow on you more, but what all this means is that Hunter sucks you in, shakes you about and then spits you out when the final page turns.  (Yes, you are strong.  Faith Hunter is alpha.)  

Hunter has really streamlined the Beast speak.  Jane and Beast are finally working well together and reading the narrative when Beast is in charge is actually fun and informative.  Hunter has really worked that point of view well and has made it much more palatable so that it didn’t bother me at all (I had issues in the first book and memories of issues in the second).  But this one is great.  Poor Jane is addled and confused and has a hard time getting her feet under her until she can figure things out.  But this means her character is growing and learning to think a little before she speaks.  She is learning more about her history and we learn there is quite a bit there that we will only get little samples of unless we read each new book.  Her character development keeps her interesting and fresh.  Though this book she is guilt addled a bit.  She is Christian, so she feels guilty for pre-marital sex and guilt for not figuring things out quickly enough.  Last book she had some other guilts, but maybe they are built into her character to show she does have feelings and is somewhat normal.     

There is a lot of blood in this book, just like the first two.  In fact, things weren’t too bloody, and then all that changes.  Jane wades through blood.  You would think it would be the vampires who do that, but Jane really does.  The other thing about these books is that the monsters are really monsters.  They don’t hide it long enough to forget that.  It is a good difference from a lot of the other books I have read.  Sure, most are sexy and could seduce with the best of them, but they flip out and show their dark side quite often.  We are left with some questions and dangling mini-plots so I am very interested in where Hunter takes everything in Raven Cursed.  I give this book 4 stars.

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