Review – A Perfect Blood (Hollows #10)

A Perfect Blood

by Kim Harrison

Man, I love this series.  Rachel Morgan never knows what she is going to do, she usually has a plan, but it blows up on her and she has to improvise.  Plus, she has some great friends backing her up, that is the only reason she has survived this long.  But her love and duty to her friends are a bit of why she starts out the way she does in this installation of the series.  This is book #10 and all of the characters have undergone amazing transformations, have survived much together and Rachel is a little scared.  She wants to be normal and have everyone leave her alone.  Normal in this case means no ley line magic and rejecting who and what she is.  Hmmm.

Rachel, Ivy and Jenks get pulled into an investigation with both the IS (magical police) and FIB (human police) because a human hate group is targeting Inderlanders and killing them in horrific ways.  Those two groups don’t normally work together, they don’t really get along.  The hate group is trying to create a magical weapon to wipe out all magical creatures, Rachel and the gang need to stop them quickly or everyone Rachel cares about will suffer.  The action gets nuts towards the end of the book, but it still kept me at the edge of my seat because of the push/pull with the people in the IS/FIB.

Ivy, Jenks and Rachel seem to be moving in their own directions.  They aren’t as close as they have been in the past, but they know each other very well and are able trust and love and live.  It is nice.  Rachel is struggling in this one.  She was nearly killed in the last book, and it has shaken her to the core.  She has to find herself, her strength, her power and accept who she is.  It is a long, somewhat difficult journey, but she has help.

We get a new character, Wayde.  He is a werewolf bodyguard sent by her parents.  He is interesting and is just about as stubborn as Rachel.  They have an interesting back and forth that they do.  Trent, well, I have had a love/hate relationship with his character and he is growing on me.  We will see if Rachel begins to trust him or what might happen.  Al, I love Al.  We don’t get to see nearly enough of him or the everafter in this book, and Rachel has some fixing to do down there…but maybe in the next one.   Also, since Harrison is going to wrap up this series, I hope Nick eventually gets what is coming to him!

Anyway, this book is great.  That I got to get it signed and meet Kim Harrison actually made it even more fun.  This series is awesome.  If you like UF and all sorts of magical creatures, this series is a must.  I give this book 4 stars.

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