V is for Vampire Bats

His nose has heat sensors

This is random, but I was stuck on vampire for my V post and decided to look up these guys.

Vampire Bats are the only known mammals that survive on blood alone.  There are three different types, two of which feed from birds, the third type lives on cows and other mammals.  What surprised me is that they can run along the ground up to nearly 5 miles per hour!  Their bodies are so small that they eat half their weight daily, and if they don’t eat for two days, they will die.  What is nice is that they will feed their buddies and many new mothers have been fed by the others for up to two weeks.

Also, they tend to be smart and sweet as they can respond when called.  VBs are nocturnal, they have super sharp fangs and will make a cut in an animal and lap up the blood.  The bat is so light that most animals won’t wake up while the bat feeds.  One interesting little factoid is that a 100 bat colony can drink the blood of 25 cows in one year.

I don’t know how I feel about these little guys.  I think they are an excellent reason to camp in tents and sticking to daytime travel while in Mexico and South America!  But the face is interesting, I definitely remember Buffy’s nasty vampire dude with a gnarly nose like that.  Also, the nocturnal, mammal blood, fast & sneaky, light – but they live in the tropics…we never really hear about vampires (who used to be human) that live in the tropics unless you count Twilight and Anne Rice’s red haired twins.  It doesn’t really explain the Transylvania, Vlad, Romanian countryside vampires, now does it?

(info on bats from National Geographic for Kids and good ole wikipedia).

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2 Responses to V is for Vampire Bats

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Nice Buffy reference!

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