Review – Boyfriend from Hell (Falling Angels #1)

Boyfriend from Hell

by E. Van Lowe

E-book purchased from Amazon

This is a paranormal YA book and our protagonist is 15 years old.  So, Megan is a little immature at times, even though she is smart and has a great relationship with her mom, Suze.  She is smart, neurotic, precocious and funny in an “I don’t know I am funny” way.  The voice of Megan reminded me a little of the Sloppy First series, which I completely enjoyed.  This book opens with her mom deciding she wants to start dating and Megan is having a really hard time with it.  Though she won’t tell her mother that, she just goes about trying to ruin each man she finds.  So, it is a little like Peter and the Wolf when Megan sees something distinctly dastardly about her mother’s new boyfriend, Armando.  Is he really as evil as she begins to think he is or can things be easily explained away?  Also, what about this cute and smart boy she is dating?  He keeps getting her into trouble, tardy slips are piling up and her mom doesn’t like him at all…

This was a quick and easy, fun book to read.  Megan got pretty jerky there for a while, but I guess teens can be quite dramatic and fairly self-involved, so it made sense.  So, there is a lot of teen angst which just about gets to the so-annoying-I-don’t-want-to-read-any-more, but then it changes when Megan wakes up and realizes what a jerk she is being and fixes what she needs to fix.  Yay!

The ending has a good action scene.  The bad guy is very bad, but the reason he is there in the first place was really sad and a little suprising to me as I didn’t notice any hints in the narrative at all.  I like getting a hint or two just to make it feel believable.  But then that Megan rolls with this reason and the resolution! and deals with these things so easily?  Kinda weird and off putting while I was reading it.  I know when I was young, I was completely unsentimental and handled a lot easily, but this was too much for anyone to remain unemotional.  It does, however, leave a pretty big opening for a new, more malicious bad guy and sequel.

So, it is a quickie read with a paranormal twist.  Young protagonist, but enjoyable and I will probably pick up the next one at some point.  It is well-written, just the ending was quick and a bit miraculous (too convenient) in its timing.  I liked it and give it 3 stars.


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2 Responses to Review – Boyfriend from Hell (Falling Angels #1)

  1. Its got a fun cover. And a nice catchy title. That would swoon me in.

  2. ocdreader says:

    I definitely found the title to be a grabber! 🙂

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