Review – Something Deadly This Way Comes

Something Deadly this Way Comes

By Kim Harrison

Borrowed from a friend

In the third book of this YA trilogy, Madison Avery still doesn’t have a very good grasp on her heavenly job.  She is the dark timekeeper.  Before she took over the job the dark reapers (angels) used to find a person who is about to compromise their soul and scythe them, thinking death of the body is nothing compared to the death of the soul.  The light timekeepers try to get there first and put a guardian angel on the person so they can continue to live with their choices, putting life and choice first.  Madison wants to change everything up and try to speak to the person before they do the stupid thing that kills their soul and get them to change/understand/appreciate their lives.  No scything, no guardian angel and they can live a good, fulfilling life.

She is having a hard time on what to say or show the 17 year old who is about to sneak out of her house to see a movie.  Something bad will happen when she does, which will cause her to soul to fall.  But when Madison flashes forward again after speaking to her, it turns out she did change her mind and now she and her brother will be both die in a state of grace.  Does she help keep them alive or does she consider her job done?

These books make you think about the world, your decisions and how they affect the people around you.  Madison and her crew are working hard to try to get their technique to work, to show heaven that a nudge here and there can help a person take the right path.

Madison is a bit of a goody-two-shoes saying “Puppy presents” instead of cursing and is a good kid, even though she sneaks out of the house and has to lie to her dad to do her timekeeper job.  She just wants to live a normal life and doesn’t think she will remain the dark timekeeper if the seraphs don’t let her change things.  She also gets a little whiny and single minded when things don’t go her way.  But ultimately Madison is a positive protagonist and she keeps it interesting.   

This last book really got into the angels, the changes and the negotiations of change. 

“She doesn’t understand about human choice and the fragility of your dreams and the strength that lies in your hope and faith.  Angels see everything in black and white, and the earth was made to be colorful.” Loc 465

Don’t get me wrong, a lot happens, and mini fights erupt here and there between angels and humans alike.  It ties up the trilogy nicely.  You really need to read them in order to fully understand this one as events build on each other.  I give the series 3.5 stars, I liked them.  I liked the premise and the characters were great, the angels were awesome and the world building was fantastic.

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