Review – A Hunger So Wild

A Hunger So Wild (Renegade Angels #2)

by Sylvia Day

Published July 3, 2012

And my angel kick continues…  I did not realize there were so many books about the Watchers, those angels that were sent to earth to watch the humans, but instead fraternized and were kicked out of heaven. But quite honestly, that makes sense when you want to either write a smexy angel book or about angels on earth, now doesn’t it?

This book posits that the watchers were turned into both vampires and lycans depending on a choice they made or how much they fraternized with humans (not really sure exactly).  Lycan’s help police the vampires along with some other, warrior type angels called Sentinels, so they don’t get along.  So, of course, one of the vampires and one of the lycans fall for each other, hard.

This is the second in a trilogy; the first was about the pairing of the leader of the Sentinels Adrian and Lindsay.  I didn’t read that one so I was a little behind on what was happening, but I caught up quickly.

The world-building is great.  Lycans have just revolted against the Sentinels.  The vampires, sensing the possibility of an alliance send Vashti, a fallen Watcher, to work with the lycan alpha, Elija.  Unfortunately, there has been a lot of history between these two and they can’t trust one another.  But they certainly feel desire.

There is something we still don’t know about why things are coming to a head.  Both groups are being manipulated to take the other out.  Who is pulling the strings and why?  There are hints in this book, but not anything concrete.  I assume it will all become clear in the third book.

There are quite a few smexy and hot scenes.  Both Elija and Vashti are alphas so they war over being in control.  It is a little funny as they grapple with each other and their feelings and try learning if and how they can trust each other.  We do get a bit of an HEA, at least a possibility.  But they need to take down the puppet master to ensure anyone’s happiness, so there is a lot riding on the final book.  This is an enjoyable paranormal romance with lots of smexing, fighting and the typical “we can’t be together” fare that adds to the intensity of the romance.  I will be tracking down the other two books to the series at some point as it was simply fun and entertaining.  3.5 stars.

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2 Responses to Review – A Hunger So Wild

  1. Gotta love some Smexing and Fighting. hehe. Sounds good to me.

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