Review – The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3)

The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3)

by Amanda Stevens

Holy crud I love this series.  I am going to reread these in a year or two, hands down.  Anyway, Stevens writes this with a slow, tantalizing reveal, just like the others.  You get pieces and bits and m&m’s to keep you on the trail, to keep you reading and turning the pages, only to scare the pants off you.  I don’t think I can go to a cemetery at twilight without getting creeped out, not that I could before!  But now, not unlike Jaws and the ocean, I will be thinking about Amelia Gray and her ability to see ghosts every time I wander around a ramshackle southern cemetery.  I go so often too.

But seriously folks, this stuff is great.  Voodoo and ghosts are real.  People can mess with you, ghosts can be pissed and really mess with you.  Amelia ends up solving these mysteries, really scary mysteries with people who will kill to keep from being found out.  She isn’t an investigator.  She is just this cemetery restorer who can see ghosts.  She gets caught up trying to help a ghost who won’t leave her alone.  How could that go wrong, right?  These plot lines are intricate and deftly woven so that those little nuggets get transformed into a tapestry as you read on.  You could read these books out of order, but I would really recommend you not do that.  This book deals with a lot of the unanswered questions and issues from book #1.  Answers were provided about Amelia’s background in #2 and now we have a bunch of resolutions (we think) in #3.  Though I just read that this is only a trilogy!?  *sob* I was, and still am, hoping for more.

Oh, in the last couple of books we find out her father can see ghosts too and he gave her four rules to live by:  1.Never acknowledge the dead  2. Never stray far from hallowed ground 3. Never associate with those who are haunted 4. Never, ever tempt fate.  She has broken all the rules and is now trying to implement damage control.  But it might be too late…

There are times where I want to shake Amelia, she just walks into situations and trusts people.  But, to be fair, she has led a fairly sheltered life, these books are her first forays into the messy world of killers, those haunted and voodoo sorcerers.  What does one do when that happens?  You turn to friends, or people you think are friends, or cops, or people who were cops, or people who look like cops but are really ghosts.  You just never know what you are going to find out when the crazy hits the fan.

I love this series.  If you like ghost stories, don’t mind a little romance and a lot of voodoo, be sure to pick these up.  They are wonderful.  I now need to close all my window coverings at night though, I expect to see ghostly visages peering in.  Gives me the shivers!  I give this story 4.5 stars.  I just have to dock it a little bit for the bad guy at the end.  It felt a little like…huh, ooookaaaayyyy.  I am sure if I reread I will see a clue or two.  But, while it didn’t shock me, I it just didn’t flow perfectly.

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3 Responses to Review – The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3)

  1. diannegray says:

    Hey Elisa – great review. I went looking for the kindle edition of the first book “The Restorer” and couldn’t find it. I think its only available in hard copy. I’ll be searching for it when I get back home next week. It’s got great reviews on Amazon 🙂

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