Review – Winging It

Winging It (Dragon Diaries #2)

by Deborah Cooke

The second book in the YA trilogy The Dragon Diaries.  Zoe is still trying to figure out her wyvern powers and abilities.  There is only one wyvern at a time and each one has to struggle to learn how best to do their job, there is no manual.  Zoe is 16 and her father is the leader of the Pyr or dragon shifters.  This is a spin-off from Cooke’s paranormal romance series about the adults whose teenage children are in this series.

Zoe’s parents are dealing with their own issues in most of this book, so Zoe is on her own with her friends.   Basically, the new generation is figuring out the future for all shifters.  At the end of the last book the Pyr signed a type of peace treaty with the Mages.  The Mages have been out to destroy all shifters, because once they kill the last of a type of shifter, they own the ability to shift into that particular shape.  They are power hungry and Zoe knows in her gut that the Mages are still gunning for the Pyr, so she and her friends have to stop them.

This was a great middle book.  Usually that middle book in a trilogy is a bridge or meanders somewhat.  This one has a clear purpose, a big showdown, some teen angst and love issues, but a clear resolution and is a bit funny here and there.

Zoe is dealing with a lot.  Her powers are starting to come in.  Her best friend Meagan isn’t allowed to know anything about what happened the summer before and it has caused a huge rift in their friendship, so big that Meagan has been hanging around a new girl and leaving Zoe behind.  Both girls are hurting and Zoe gets a bit zealous in defending her friend from bullies.

There is one mage who goes to her high school and he has invited Zoe to his huge Halloween party.  Zoe doesn’t want to go, but ends up coerced there.  She doesn’t know what they are up to, but it can’t be anything good.

Zoe is a strong heroine.  She doesn’t sit idly by while her friends and family are in danger or hurting.  She also doesn’t shy from dangerous situations. She involves herself, even when told not too by those who only want to see her safe and protected.  She is a dragon after all, with some pretty cool powers too.  She is fairly smart, even when it comes to her love life.  But there is a difference between knowing and hoping.  I am enjoying this series a lot, it is great YA with cross-over appeal and am excited to get a hold of the final book in the trilogy, Blazing the Trail.  There is a bit of teen angst, but it doesn’t drip with it.  I do recommend reading them in order.  3.5 stars.


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4 Responses to Review – Winging It

  1. Sounds pretty interesting. I haven’t heard of the series but I am always up for new Paranormal books.

  2. diannegray says:

    I have heard of this series, but never gotten around to reading them. I like good strong characters and might just look into it now

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