Review – Lakebridge Spring

Lakebridge Spring

by Natasha Hooper

I am on the LakeBridge Summer First Rules publicity virtual book tour and was given this book as well as Summer.  I like to read series in order whenever possible, even though it doesn’t always happen, so I jumped on the chance to read them both.  So glad I did, there is a lot of backstory that I think will be helpful in the next book.  And it was creeptastic.  I am quite disturbed actually.

Getting into this story took me a little while.  It is told with a little bit of a stream of consciousness type style so when you follow a character, you are mostly in their heads.  Thoughts run into each other, they repeat themselves and you learn things slowly because you have to delve past the surface thoughts.  Plus Troop wants you invested and liking her characters, and to not really know what is going on until she gets you in the middle of the bridge.  Then all hell breaks loose.

The bridge is a covered bridge across a tiny lake.  No road leads to the bridge because it wasn’t meant for driving, it was meant to transport to evil realms by some Lord who founded the town and named it after himself.  Somehow this bridge never needs a touch of paint, instead it needs other things.

But you don’t know much for a while.  You follow normal people with normal issues, but in the back of their minds they know there is something weird about their town.  Except for a few folks, a few nutty ones and a few who keep it together a bit better than the others.  Most everyone else just tra la las through life in the small town.  Bad things have happened…but the thought is, “don’t bad things happen everywhere?”

And you also get to go inside the head of a moose.  So fun.  He is an obsessive compulsive moose who likes to help keep nature tidy, he also likes to stare at the yellow line in the middle of the road.  Once you get used to it, the stream of consciousness is extremely effective.  You get motivation, history and a feel for the person quite quickly.  The difficult is there are run on sentences and long paragraphs.  If you need a break, it sometimes takes some reading before you get there.  But in your thoughts, not many of us follow perfect sentence structure, so it makes sense and is well done.  There are a few issues, some almost exact repeats of sentences, so I think some of it could be shortened, but it works and works well.

So I felt like one of the people in the town under the fog of forgetfullness.  Yes, bad things have happened, but life is good, the sun is shining and then suddenly I was horrified by the things that happened.  Holy smokes.  I was hopeful about one of the scenes, because you go inside the person’s head.  I was hoping for good, only to have my hopes dashed.  There is evil in this town and I am wondering when or if it will be defeated.  There are four books planned.  I will be reviewing Lakebridge: Summer tomorrow.   4 bright red stars that never need painting.

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  1. diannegray says:

    Oh – I love creeptastic! 😀

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