Review – Kiss of Snow

Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling #10)

by Nalini Singh

In an attempt to try to get up to speed on some of the series I am behind on, I decided it was time to pick up Kiss of Snow, book 10 in the Psy/Changeling series.  Oh, it was such delicious fun!!  I had such a damn good time reading it wasn’t even funny. *Le sigh*  Perfect for a cold weekend spent reading in front of the fire.

So this is the 10th book in the series.  Some are wonderful, others are ok.  This one was wonderful!  My favorites are when two alphas get together for their happily ever after and Sienna and Hawke are alphas alright!  This series is about a world where there are a few different races, the Psy, shifters (all types, but mainly wolves and leopards) and the Psy are in power.  The Psy are a people with powers, either telekinetic, empathetic, precognition and others.  In the 70s they instituted a training program that eliminated emotion from their people called Silence.  It was a way to reduce the amount of violence.  Silence is now falling but their governing body is trying their damndest to keep it going.  Of course when you run with shifters it is all about emotion and when the two races fall for each other, it is pure fun.  Hawke is the leader of the wolves and has been emotionally scarred and Sienna is a cardinal (strongest) of a Psy designation called X.  They are a warrior designation and most kids born X burn themselves up and die by puberty.  She has had a really rough and horrible time of things as well.  They are both alphas in their own right, both honed by fire and have been interested in each other since the first book, when Sienna was 16.  So there is danger from the Psy government story arc as well as danger from Sienna herself in trying to figure out how to keep herself and everyone around her alive after she comes fully into her powers.  There is also danger as these two spar…

Woosh!  Fun, freaking fun stuff.  Another reviewer called the book “one long seduction scene” and that is pretty accurate.  Most of the book is the banter, the sexual tension and the dance of two people who like each other but won’t give an inch and know how to be snarky.  I was both laughing and crying and simply happy to be reading.  It has been quite a few months since I read the #9 and I was ready for this one.  If you like those paranormal series where each book has another pair finding their true love/mating bond, this is the series for you!  There is always a push/pull, snark, fighting and lots of hanky panky.  But it doesn’t revolve around the sex.  The psy/changeling storyline grows with each book, there are skirmishes, sneaking around, spying and good natured in-fighting with the changelings.

Most of the other books switch POV from both love interests and then some Psy players.  This book is no different, but we are getting more series story arc information along with updates and cameos from past heroes/heroines pairings.  Things are heating up and the action, in addition to what is happening with Hawke and Sienna, is intense, emotional and exciting.  New developments occur though I still am curious who the darn ghost is…dang it!

I had a great time reading this book and am really looking forward to Tangle of Need.    I really have enjoyed this series.  I highly recommend you start at the beginning, there is too darn much going on to fully appreciate everything if you jump in with this book, though the romance part will still be emjoyable, I think the names and happenings will be overwhelming!  4+ stars against the black background of her cardinal eyes.


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1 Response to Review – Kiss of Snow

  1. Yaaaay! So happy you liked it. I have been waiting forever for Hawke and Sienna’s story and it was worth the wait. It really was like one long seduction scene.

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