Review – Firelight (Darkest London, Bk 1)

firelightFirelight (Darkest London, Bk 1)

by Kristen Callihan

Historical paranormal romance

I got pulled into this story right away.  The paranormal aspects are a little mysterious at the beginning.  Everything is a slow reveal so that for a while things could be almost benign until they aren’t.  What is Archer?  Is he a vampire or something.  He hides his face away like he is the Phantom of the Opera, so the story is a little bit like beauty and the beast for a while, without the codependency.

Archer has his secrets and Miranda has hers.  They fall for each other but are too scared to share what they are hiding for fear of losing the other to fear.  My favorite romances have the two main characters sexual tension off the charts before they finally get together and this book did that in spades.  Holy smokes was it intense.  Wow.  They are both alphas and can take care of themselves.  Miranda is truly empowered.  She does her own darn thing, even when married off to Archer by her father.  Honestly, Callihan created a fiery foe in Miranda.  There is also a mystery.  Someone is killing off Archer’s friends and it looks like Archer is the bad guy.

If you like the damaged hero and heroine, with people working past their issues to finally trust and love, then this book is not to be missed, add in a paranormal element that shocks in its creativity and it rocks your socks off!  How could I not love this book?  Since I just finished book 2, Moonglow today, I know the series continues with these types of characters and it is really good!

When they do finally fall into bed and pretty much ignite the covers.  Dang.  This book is a lot of fun with thieves cant, the dirty alleys, a girl who can take care of herself, and a man who goes for what seems impossible.  It is a sweet love story, an interesting mystery and a fantastic paranormal.  I really enjoyed it and devoured the poor little book in two days.  Four stars, white like crystal but burn like ice.

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5 Responses to Review – Firelight (Darkest London, Bk 1)

  1. Yum. What more can i say.

  2. Nutschell says:

    ooh. that book cover alone sparks my interest!


  3. jenniferbielman says:

    I love intense romances. This sounds amazing. I have had my eye on this one for some time. I should finally get it knowing you loved it so much.

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