WWW Wednesdays February 20th

It is that time again, time to share with us and MizB what books we have our noses stuck in.  Answer the three questions – What did you finish, What are you reading now and What is up next?

poison studyhiddenI just finished reading Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder – I can’t wait to get my hands on Magic Study!  I love books like this, fantasy, strong heroine learning who she is, world in flux…mmmmm, happy.  I also grabbed and finished Hidden by Kelley Armstrong from the library, a novella about Clay and Elena and the twins!  I think they consider it Bk 10.2 or something in the series.  Super super fun.

beautiful mysterysilver threadI am currently reading The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny which is a murder mystery with Gregorian chanting monks which I am starting to really enjoy and The Silver Thread by Emigh Cannaday.  I was just getting into it and forgot my kindle at work this weekend so I couldn’t read it.  Lame!  I forgot it again Tuesday night along with the book – aaargh!  Now I have to read something else or nothing at all for a whole night (I ended up watching Looper, what just happened?)  lol.

unbrokengirl fire and thornsNext up is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  I have read the first 30 pages or so and it is great.  I am looking forward to getting to spend more time with it, Louie is a wild man!  I also checked out The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson from the library.  The protagonist is named Elisa, so of course I have to read it!  Plus I have heard really good things about the story.

What are you reading this week?

About ocdreader

I love to read! I always have a book or four going, I have more books in my to-be-read pile than I can read in a year and yet I continue to haunt the bookstores. I have a problem, but I somehow soldier on. I enjoy talking books, so pass on your recommendations and thoughts - I would love to hear them.
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26 Responses to WWW Wednesdays February 20th

  1. Busy, busy girl. I rather fancy Hidden. (being a fan of Clay) and Girl of Thorns and Fire. Thanks for the recommends.

    • ocdreader says:

      Clay is awesome, but I love Jeremy too. I still haven’t read the last two books in the series…but I think Savannah is the narrator, so I have been putting them off.

  2. ChrissiReads says:

    Poison Study looks fantastic. The cover of The Beautiful Mystery is beautiful too.

  3. meganm922 says:

    I recently purchased The Girl of Fire and Thorns because it was a daily deal for like 2 or 3 bucks. I need to start it because I’ve heard such great things about it. I hope you enjoy!
    Here’s my WWW Wednesdays Post
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

  4. I’ve heard good things about Unbroken and The Girl of Fire and Thorns. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you’re done!

  5. pooks says:

    I listened to the audiobook of Poison Study years ago and liked it, but never went further in the series. My bad!

    • ocdreader says:

      I have so many series partially started like that! That is something else I want to work on along with my TBR, finishing or catching up with the series I have started. 🙂

  6. I like Louise Penny too. Have read all her books but not this one yet. Would love to know what you think of it 🙂

    • ocdreader says:

      This is my first book of hers, but I think I might have to read more after this one!

      • Oh! So you haven’t read the 3 Pines series…you should! I met her at a reading in Singapore and she was as charming as her books 🙂 I will admit though that they took a while to grow on me, they are rather slow and philosophical for mysteries!

      • ocdreader says:

        yes, that is the one thing that took me a while to get into this one, it is reflective and philosophical, especially since the setting is with monks who let no outsiders in and have taken a vow of silence except to sing…and one of them killed another…crazy!

  7. diannegray says:

    Any book with a protagonist is named Elisa must be good! 🙂

  8. KtTurner says:

    Great books this week. I llooooove Maria V Snyder, her Study series is one of my favourites, aahh Valek…. I’ve had The Girl of Fire and Thorns on my TBR for a while now, I have heard great things about it, just haven’t picked it up. Will need to move it up the list I think. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics

  9. I LOVE Poison Study! I love Maria V. Snyder!
    I heard the next two books weren’t as good as the first. But I haven’t read them yet so .. we’ll see.

    Thanks for droppin by my WWWWs! 🙂

    Michelle Shouts Random

  10. katybrandes says:

    My book club read Unbroken last year, and everyone loved it. There are many sports stats about old Olympic races that I could have done without, but many people enjoy that sort of thing. Regardless, I really liked it and hope you do as well. My list is at http://katybrandes.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/www-wednesdays-feb-20/.

    • ocdreader says:

      My bookclub read Unbroken before I joined…so I am trying to catch up – they all lurved it so much I have to see what the fuss is about. I even had random people in the bookstore tell me to read it. lol – I am around 30 pages in and just in the olympic stuff, Hillenbrand tells it ALL…I may have to skim the stats a little 🙂

  11. jenniferbielman says:

    Wow, it seems like you have some serious books to read. 🙂 Enjoy.

  12. Great books there! Right now I’m reading Harken by Caleb Nation. I received it for review and I’m very excited about it. I’m hoping it will be as good as it sounds! 🙂

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