Review – The Silver Thread

silver threadThe Silver Thread (Balkan Magic, Bk 2)

by Emigh Cannaday

This book picks up nearly where Balkan Magic ends so I definitely recommend reading it first.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for both books!  I will add comments below to the pot.  I will pull a name on Sunday, March 17th.

Annika has been sucked back through the portal to earth, and Talvi is setting out to find her.  The issues in his world are just beginning and he needs Annika by his side to fulfill the prophecy.  Plus he loves her  🙂

When Talvi finally tracks her down, she is weird.  Such a different girl than she was in  his world.  Though I do think people are different when they are on their own turf.  Remember that, you don’t know a guy or a girl fully until you see how they act with you when they are with their family and friends!  Weird but true.

“But now that she was back home, facing the opinions and ideas of all the close people in her life, it made her question herself to no end.” (38%)

She isn’t sure, Talvi was a player and they don’t know each other well, nor do they try all that hard for much of this book.  It is a series of hurt feelings and misunderstandings.  We also get glimpses into some of the other characters who are questing or have changed from the last book, but only very short glimpses.  Something is stirring and it can’t be good for the future…  But this book really is about Annika and Talvi getting to know each other.

There are misunderstandings and jealousies and learning to communicate because both need to learn what it is to be with someone.  And there is a HUGE issue of TRUST.  It can get a little exhausting, but then something randomly funny or interesting will happen, then crazy stuff really starts happening and then we have a cliffhanger.  Where is book three?!  Gah!  So, I enjoyed the book, I like Talvi and his family.  I wish there was more time spent in Talvi’s world, but most of the book was in Oregon at Annika’s house…and then Paris which was crazy and quite fun and then a little horrifying for crazy unexpected reasons.  Tricky author!

I liked it more than ok, and while I enjoyed getting to know the characters so well, the pacing felt a little off at times which in turn threw my reading off.  So I give it 3.5 paint splattered stars that melt and reform as you watch, making it really hard to look away!

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4 Responses to Review – The Silver Thread

  1. I really hope I win this.

  2. beckyday6 says:

    I love the front covers for this series, they’re really cool. 🙂

    Nice review!

  3. jenniferbielman says:

    I am happy you are enjoying this series. It does sound very good.

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