B is for Boyfriend #AtoZChallenge

My Top Ten Five Book Boyfriends

Somehow The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday meme works with my A-Z “B” post today!  Woot.  🙂

My top book boyfriends (today) are generally the ones that know how to play as well as be serious, generally. They are in no particular order and I limited it to less than 10 to keep it short…

1. Clay from Women of the Underworld.  He is a werewolf and misunderstood, but he is loyal, handsome, brilliant and only in love with Elena.  If he isn’t a wonderful man, I don’t know who is. Author Kelley Armstrong

2. Curran – yet another shapeshifting alpha male, hmmm, interesting.  He and Kate have a snarky relationship and even though he is the king of his kind, he listens to his woman and respects her strength. Love it. Author Ilona Andrews

3. Mark Darcy who is based on THE Mr. Darcy but updated a bit. He likes her “just the way she is” and is sweet and a good son, enough to wear his mother’s horrendous sweater picks. Author Helen Fielding

4. Joe Ledger from Patient Zero – he is a superhero I swear!  He is funny and ridiculously amazing at what he does, and still feels remorse for his actions, like killing child zombies. Author Jonathan Maberry

5. Sean from Feed…I know, I know, he pokes zombies with sticks so he is probably going down young, but he knows how to have fun and keep relatively safe in a horrible future. Author Mira Grant

And just because this cracks me up, Carrie Hope Fletcher and why she thinks boys in books are better…Thanks to Chrissi Reads for bringing this to my attention. Love it!

About ocdreader

I love to read! I always have a book or four going, I have more books in my to-be-read pile than I can read in a year and yet I continue to haunt the bookstores. I have a problem, but I somehow soldier on. I enjoy talking books, so pass on your recommendations and thoughts - I would love to hear them.
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31 Responses to B is for Boyfriend #AtoZChallenge

  1. Thanks for stopping by – happy ‘B’ day.
    Joe Ledger is the only character I can say I know, but we could definitely be drinking buddies. 🙂

  2. Margo Kelly says:

    Awesome video clip! LOVED it! 🙂 Thanks for a great post, and thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  3. kelley says:

    I’m in love with fiction too–love the song. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  4. erin c says:

    Boys in books are better! Love it. I always wanted Lestat to come and bite me. What does that say about my boy choices? haha Probably only because he was my first vampire. 🙂

  5. Love the Chrissi Reads! I know Clay well. Love him. must really check out some of the others.

  6. Mark Darcy. That’s a good one. Great list.

  7. Layla says:

    Colin Firth… sigh…. 🙂

  8. Sisyphus47 says:

    A nice collection… Yes, well, should be thinking of listing my own gf’s then!! ;-P ~ G?

  9. Annabelle H says:

    Oh gosh Clayton is so hot! I love him but I wouldn’t challenge Elena for him, she might eat me! I’ll just have to admire from afar! Great list and Happy Reading!

    My Top Ten!

  10. Swooning over Mark Darcy and Colin Firth both 🙂 And thank you for sharing Carrie Hope Fletcher!! Brilliant!

  11. Curran and Clay. *sighs* So in love with them. I love me some alphas.

  12. Kate says:

    It looks like you’ve got some books that I need to add to my TBR pile!

  13. Joe Owens says:

    I cannot say I know any of these characters which is probably best since I am one of their kind. Of my last three books, only one had a character I found to be appealing in a girlfriend kind of way. The book was called In Deep Shitake.

  14. diannegray says:

    Why aren’t ‘real life’ boys ever as hot as the book ones! 😀

    Love the video 😉

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