Review – Shadowspell

shadowspellShadowspell (Faeriewalker #2)

by Jenna Black

After reading this book I realized what had bothered me a bit with the first one, not a lot happens and the scary guys aren’t all that bad yet.  Yea, they keep talking about how people want to kill her, but Dana is so blase about it, keeps sneaking out of the safe house without issues that you get complacent as well.  In this one the issues are amped and the bad guys are really bad.  The Wild Hunt is in town and a faeriewalker could allow them to hunt in the mortal world.  Additionally, the fae enemy she had in the first book has gotten crazier and more ruthless for this one.  It is scary and there is a lot more flesh on the line.

The only thing is, Dana is an ok heroine.  She is really young and she hasn’t really grown on me much.  She is somewhat like Bella in that she runs to save everyone regardless of her own safety.  I think I now know what “too stupid to live” is all about when people talk about their heroines.  But she means well.  She has an internal dialogue, thank goodness for first person POV, because if we didn’t get that and just saw her defy her dad, and everyone trying to protect her because, god forbid, they know more than she does I would have gone crazy.  I mean, people are trying to kill her with magic and stuff, but she manipulates everything into mostly getting her way to go to the grocery store, or get her nails done.  Poor thing, locked in a safe house.  Awwww.  She should get to go shopping and nearly get killed.  Ya know?  She should sneak out of the house to go to a party even though Queen Titania wants her head on a platter.  Anyway…one of the characters says it best but I am going to paraphrase him – he says she will do almost anything for anyone she cares about, and it is pretty dang easy to get her to start caring about someone.

“Keane was only two years older than me, which didn’t give him the right to go all wise on me. Never mind that he had a point.” (pg 37)

The thing is, the author and the character realize that she is an easy mark.  She knows she is being stupid, but that doesn’t stop her.

“In the battle between logic and crazy, crazy always wins.” (pg 247)

Now that quote wasn’t about Dana, but it could have been!  Anyway, she doesn’t have a ton of personality yet.  She is a little bit young, inexperienced and too street smart to be making these little girl rebellion mistakes.  But she is young, and I know I did a bunch of that stupid stuff, even if only in my head when I was that age, so I guess I can cut her some slack.  It was completely readable though, I didn’t throw down the book in disgust and have a fight with it (you know how I like to fight with my books) so it wasn’t that annoying.  I think it was more reflection and I know it forwards the plot. If she were a good little girl and stayed inside the story wouldn’t go anywhere!  But, her skills haven’t really gotten her anywhere but in trouble.  This storyline has potential though and I will continue with the next book when I can get my hands on it. 3.5 stars at the ends of a stag’s antlers, he walks out of the trees, sees you watching him and walks away.


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I love to read! I always have a book or four going, I have more books in my to-be-read pile than I can read in a year and yet I continue to haunt the bookstores. I have a problem, but I somehow soldier on. I enjoy talking books, so pass on your recommendations and thoughts - I would love to hear them.
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6 Responses to Review – Shadowspell

  1. Great review. I love your honesty, especially about the heroine being too young to make these little girl rebellion mistakes.
    I appreciated the comment you left about my book, Disemblance, on the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Romance blog. Cheers, Shanae
    My blog

  2. What a stunning cover! That alone would get me to read the book. Every time she did something stupid, I’d just turn to the cover, drool, then forgive her and move on.

    • ocdreader says:

      bahaha, I love these covers too. They don’t really look like anything else out there that I have seen. It was fun, I think I am just grouchy lately. lol

  3. jenniferbielman says:

    LOL. yeah I’ve me a few too stupid to live heroines before. It makes it hard to enjoy books when the main character is somewhat unlikable. But I am happy you ended up liking this one.

  4. diannegray says:

    I just love the cover of this one (you know I’m obsessed with covers!) 😀

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