Review – Replica

replicaReplica (Replica Trilogy, Bk 1)

by Jenna Black

I couldn’t put this book down, it is great fun to read.  I liked the weird future, the constant tension, the fact that one of the main characters was gay, the realization race is still an issue in the future, both the rich and the poor are “trapped” in the social structure, gossipy girls still are snotty and horrible through a fake smile, the media still prints ugly pictures of the famous, not that much has changed – except for everything else.

But, there are a few issues with it, mainly an exclusion of information.  Things are kind of vague.  How history got to this point where the world is run by Executives, how this technology came about and what the rest of the world looks like. The resolution seemed too easy…but was it?

Romance, well, there is a hint of a possibility.  Our main characters are engaged, but one is gay and the other knows it.  There is love of all types in the world

You have to read this book when you want a dystopian and can forgive some omissions.  It is also YA but with pretty adult kids who know what is expected of them, whether they comply or not. But the characters do grow, and mature and try their best to get “fix” things. It was really good, not great but it is a brutal world, there is violence and a super villainous character, and somehow young people are doing the most dangerous work. I am interested to see where Black takes everything in the next book.  3.5 stars that have gone to supernova, the replica machine has made them exactly the same, the sky never changes.

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I love to read! I always have a book or four going, I have more books in my to-be-read pile than I can read in a year and yet I continue to haunt the bookstores. I have a problem, but I somehow soldier on. I enjoy talking books, so pass on your recommendations and thoughts - I would love to hear them.
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5 Responses to Review – Replica

  1. cleemckenzie says:

    The teen readers are pretty adult these days–more so than when I was a teen. And they’re also more sophisticated in their reading choices. I’m wondering if they’ll question some of what you’ve mentioned that’s missing in this book.

  2. jenniferbielman says:

    Lack of world building is a big deal to me. Especially in dystopians. Not sure if this one is for me.

  3. beckyday6 says:

    Awwh man, finding out about the history of how a world like this came to be can be the most fun part of these sorts of novels! Its a shame the book didn’t deliver on that front…

    • ocdreader says:

      right?! Oh well, it was pretty fun seeing what this world currently is here, and having business people running things isn’t too huge of a stretch really. I am still interested in where this story is going though. Looking forward to the next.

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