Review – Breaking Point

Breaking Point (Joe Pickett, Bk 13)

by CJ Box

I haven’t read any other Joe Pickett books, but I picked this one up at the used bookstore to give it a whirl.  These are mystery thriller type books with a game warden hero in Wyoming.  This book had talk about natural resources, hunters, guns, big game, poachers and the flip side of a benevolent big brother government.  See, government is a good idea, but people, with their needs and morals run the government programs, so bad things can come from the good ideas.  It is actually based on a true story too.

The whole abuse of power thing, that big brother can do whatever it wants through loopholes and interpretation of the laws.  Argh!! Makes me so mad because it is real, where you can read a dystopian and go, huh, that sounds familiar and what a sucky NOT MY REALITY.  Anyway.  It was really upsetting to me.  Not only that but people used and abused the system too, so no one was really perfect.

The book itself, once you get into the story, moves fairly quickly. I was backpacking with the agents, riding horses through the destroyed pines. There is a tiny bit of foreshadowing of the big event that happens and holy crud. Scary stuff.

Ultimately I liked Joe, he is an upstanding moral guy who tries his best and he rides a horse.  He is a hero worth following and I think I will have to check out his other adventures at some point.  If you don’t care much about natural resources and stuff like that certain aspects, which don’t really bog down the story, it might bore you a bit.  But I really enjoyed that Box included tidbits about the land and the trees and stuff that are true and interesting, which had an effect on the plot in a big way.

For thriller, mystery and maybe some procedural readers who want a real guy to follow without those nearly super-human powers.  You get to know his family and wife, they have problems and enjoy and worry about each other, kids that drive them crazy.  You know, real feeling.  Anyway, 3.5 moisture trap stars, you lay them in divots of the forest land and they fill with water to help the local animals survive the long, hot, dry summer.

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1 Response to Review – Breaking Point

  1. jenniferbielman says:

    Ugh, me too, the whole government abusing power thing makes me so crazy mad. This book sounds great though, even if it’s not my genre.

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