Review – Armed & Magical

armed magicalArmed & Magical (Raine Benares, Bk 2)

by Lisa Shearin

This is a quick, fun more fantasy than urban fantasy series of six books.  Raine is a seeker of previously moderate magical talent. She ended up bonded with an evil goblin stone that eats souls in the first book and we are now dealing with the fallout.  The stone has increased her powers and also made her a target for all of the power groups around.

This is a cute, witty series with a spunky heroine.  My only problem with it is that the power structure confuses me, there are so many bad guys from different groups that I forget who is who.  Plus I read the first book a year or more ago and I only remembered the highlights.  But I love Raine’s voice.  She is down to earth, wants to do the right thing and help anyone she can, but is quite realistic about who and what she and her family are: pirates and thieves mainly.  She likes telling people her last name, it is funny to watch the reactions.

Anyway, this book picks up a week after the last one ended.  Raine is being protected in a magic kind of Vatican city (that is how I pictured it anyway) that also has a magical university.  All of the power groups converge and in many ways try to grab Raine, as she is a conduit to the stone.

This is definitely a middle book, setting up motivations, furthering some of the romantic interest (there is a bit of a triangle) and only knocking one or two bad guys out of the running.  The action is pretty constant and it is sometimes pretty tough to figure out who to trust, everyone has motivations that are sometimes hidden and Raine is constantly fighting the influence of the evil stone.  Think the ring from Lord of the Rings, you start using it for “good” and you still become evil somehow.

So, it is fun, I will be reading the next book sooner rather than later so I know more of what is going on.  There are only six books in the series and I think it ends, so there is a possibility of getting to an ending, which does appeal to me.  🙂  3.5 stars created to fling at the goblins by the voice of a spellsinging elf hiding from his teacher.

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1 Response to Review – Armed & Magical

  1. jenniferbielman says:

    Oh yeah, so fantasy. I love the sound of Raine’s character. Happy you are enjoying the series.

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