Review – Supernaturally

supernaturallySupernaturally (Paranormalcy, Bk 2)

by Kiersten White

Picks up around 6 months after Paranormalcy ended.  Evie is in high school and sort of bored.  Lend is off to college and her dealings with normal teens are somewhat more brutal, especially gym class, and somewhat more dangerous than bagging and tagging paranormals.

So it seems someone is out to get Evie – when aren’t they?  The fairies are pretty upset with her and elementals are disappearing.  Things aren’t very clear.  Evie just sort of goes about her business, even doing a little paranormal work again.  But most of the book is a lead up to the bigger issue.  Lots of little teen melodramas, fights with friends, boyfriends and people at school.  Evie takes responsibility for things, but doesn’t know how to communicate, so she makes trouble for herself.  She also seems to think she knows best, so she won’t always take advice.

But it is cute, it is fun and light even with the life and death issues.  She makes some good decisions and some monumentally bad ones.  If you like the light, YA paranormal books with some goofy humor, this is a good series to check out.  You get a bit of teen angst, more than the first one for sure, but you don’t drown in it.  I had a good time and the chapters and issues are completed so quickly, you can’t get too upset because things change or are handled so fast that they can’t become annoying.  Generally, I liked the first book more than this one, but I did enjoy this book and look forward to see what Evie’s place in the world is…and I think we will find that out in the last book of the trilogy. I hope so anyway!  If you like bubble gum teen stuff with a paranormal twist to the world, look no further.  Silly, funny, goofy and sweet, these books have a little romance with kissing, no swearing and teens learning to communicate, they are easy good fun. 3.5 pink swirly stars.

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4 Responses to Review – Supernaturally

  1. cleemckenzie says:

    I’m interested in the goofy humor part!

  2. jenniferbielman says:

    I love goofy humor when I am in the mood for it. Sometimes you just need a silly laugh.

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