Review – Endlessly

endlesslyEndlessly (Paranormalcy, Bk 3)

by Kiersten White

The final book in the trilogy, was satisfying and good fun.  But I did have a problem with it, Evie was too stupid to live a few times.  I mean she is good, she puts others before herself and is very brave, but she runs into situations half-cocked and doesn’t do any homework at all and others keep saving her.  She is 17 and was an important member of IPCA (government paranormal agency) so she thinks she can handle anything which really isn’t the case.  Argh!

However, the chapters are short.  Issues are resolved fairly quickly and Evie has her normal humorous way of seeing and talking about things.  Which can be a bit airy and flighty at times.  (stereotypical blond moments)  The paranormals have a prophecy and they would like to have Evie do something for them, without really telling her what it entails.  She just knows it is dangerous and wants to live her own life until things are shoved under her nose.

Lots of action, with even some human bad guys.  The ending was satisfying, even if you kind of realize how it might go down…

If you like light, easy paranormal romps with snarky teen humor and lots of drama that is easily handled, look no further.  This was a cute and easy trilogy that was entertaining and compulsively readable but also had a flighty heroine who flies by the seat of her pants and can be a bit annoying at times.  3.5 souls glowing like stars, promising an eternity.

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2 Responses to Review – Endlessly

  1. Oh no, too stupid to live characters. Worst ever!! Happy it was still a good read though.

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