Review – Deadly Descendant (Nikki Glass, Bk 2)

deadly descendantDeadly Descendant (Nikki Glass, Bk 2)

by Jenna Black


Ooooh, I really liked this second book!  An urban fantasy with lots of action, Nikki is figuring out her powers and the people she now lives with.  Lots of tension in the house and in figuring out how she fits in.  The Olympians need some help in tracking down another descendant that has been killing innocent mortals.  They all need Nikki  to use her tracking skills to help bring him down before us humans figure out that the descendants of gods are running amok on earth.

The bad guy is pretty scary and Jamaal, one of the descendants who also lives in the house is quite interesting this time around. We really explore his issues and background and he is fascinating.  I am looking forward to where this all goes in the future.

So we get to explore more characters and get behind their motivations.  Most of these people are descended from gods and have powers once a seed of immortality is gathered.   They are immortal to everyone except another descendant who will gather their immortality if they happen to kill them.

Crazy insane stuff happens.  The issues are pretty bad and the political backdrop for these people are changing.  The story doesn’t necessarily further the backdrop but things happen that changes things drastically.

I like Nikki, she doesn’t trust other people much at all, but she is learning.  This book contained plenty of evidence of that, and it is nice to see a character learn and grow.  I am sure she will have missteps going forward, but in the meanwhile, it seems like she is making a place for herself in this world.

So, lots of action, a fun take on the children of the gods living, hiding and fighting in our mundane world.  There is a lot of fighting, killing and the possibility of a romance.  We will see where that goes!  4 stars shaped like jackals, they are invisible until they grab your throat and force you to keep reading.  🙂

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1 Response to Review – Deadly Descendant (Nikki Glass, Bk 2)

  1. jenniferbielman says:

    I a liking the sound of crazy insane stuff. I think I will have to try this UF out!

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