Review – Rogue Descendant

rogue descendantReview – Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass, Bk 3)

by Jenna Black

The third book in the series, Nikki is still having problems, but her emotional issues trump the physical ones.  Someone is gunning for her, but they are being a little bit sneaky about it.  Fires and problems follow her about while she kind of mopes and tries to figure out how to help her sort of love interest.

For a while, I was into this book, but nearing the end she still was thinking and moping and having mental issues and I just got a little tired of it.  The action does ramp up finally, but these immortal people just have a hell of a long time to hold on to their issues!  Think mopey Louis venting about Lestat for a bit.  But I do like the characters Black has created, the world is interesting and the problems fairly unique to this genre.  This particular installment is just not my favorite of the three books so far, but realize I still read through it at lightening speed…so I guess my expectations are high for Black because for all intents and purposes, I enjoyed the book.

The series as a whole is great, the characters well fleshed and interesting.  No one is perfect and they struggle with their foibles making them very human even though descendants of gods.  Nikki tries really hard and is slowly learning how to handle other people.  We learn a bit more about her and her family and I am totally curious where this series is going to go from here.

3.5 stars shaped like angry tigers, watch out, even though you are immortal, it will hurt when they take a big bite out of you!

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