WWW Wednesday 4/2

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Play along with MizB from Shouldbereading and tell us

1. What you recently finished. 2. What you are reading now and 3. What is up next.

Portrait of young  coupleI finally finished On Dublin Street by Samantha Young.  It was cute with some sexy times, an emotionally stunted girl and a sexy, alpha male get together.  I also finished Spell Bound (Hex Hall, Bk 3) by Rachel Hawkins which was a fun paranormal trilogy, boarding school, lots of paranormals and some bad guys raising demons.  Nothing too ground breaking, but quite enjoyable.

between two thornsI am currently in the  middle of way too many books, but I am actively working on Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson.  This is a crazy paranormal which I am both enjoying and yet it bugs me.  I will admit I am scattered so I don’t catch as much as I usually do and in addition I think some things are disjointed.  Tons happen, lots of silly fights and jealousies which make me roll my eyes.  I think it could have been smoothed a lot more, but I like the characters even though they do some dumb stuff, I guess their fighting and snarking and jealousies make them a bit more human even though they are paranormals.  I am also reading Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman which is lovely.  But there is a lot going on there too.  I am 100 pages in and just finally seeing all the players so even though I like it, I am leisurely making my way through.

beneath the dark iceNext up I really want to try to get into Beneath the Dark Ice (Alex Hunter, Bk 1) by Greig Beck.  It looks crazy good! “Terror from the deep”.  A blend of paranormal, science and military thriller.  Love those.  🙂

What are you guys reading these days?

About ocdreader

I love to read! I always have a book or four going, I have more books in my to-be-read pile than I can read in a year and yet I continue to haunt the bookstores. I have a problem, but I somehow soldier on. I enjoy talking books, so pass on your recommendations and thoughts - I would love to hear them.
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22 Responses to WWW Wednesday 4/2

  1. I’m reading a book called “The Spy Who Loved” which is about a Polish woman who worked as a spy for the British during WWII. I’m only about 30% of the way through but it’s already given me an inkling into how badly Poland got screwed over by Britain and the US.

    It’s not particularly cute but there’s the occasional hint of some sexy times in amongst its pages.

  2. lipsyy says:

    I keep meaning to start the Hex Hall series, I’ve heard good things!

  3. ChrissiReads says:

    Ooh your books look really intriguing this week. I hope you enjoy them!

  4. Shannon says:

    I just finished reading “Sugar Daddy” by Lisa Kleypas. Loved it. Am now reading the new Veronica Mars novel and it is really good. (Huge VMars fan. Huge.) “On Dublin Street” is still on my TBR. 🙂

    • ocdreader says:

      i have read a few Kleypas books, I need to branch to her others. I need to give V Mars another shot, I am just rubbish at actually watching a series. I get too distracted.

  5. Gwynneth says:

    Hello, I’ve just finished the new Lindsay Buroker: Balanced on a blades edge. Loved it. review will be up soon. Also ploughed through a contemporary romance by Rachel Anderson Working it Out. I really need to get back with WOW. well, maybe soon. too busy writing really 🙂

  6. diannegray says:

    I’ve actually been making trailers this week 😉 I think I’m addicted and have found a new calling. Trying to get them onto YouTube and Goodreads today – wish me luck! 😀

  7. lissiet says:

    Between Two Thorns looks really good!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  8. I haven’t heard of the books but I am sure you are having a good time with them 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by earlier 😀

  9. jenniferbielman says:

    Oh, I LOVED on Dublin Street. I can’t wait for your review.

  10. I just checked out the Hex Hall series, sounds intriguing. I will definitely check that out. Thanks for stopping by my site. 🙂

  11. beckyday6 says:

    I recently finished The Traitor Queen by Trudi Canavan and I’m currently getting stuck into Everlasting by Elizabeth Chandler which is great so far! After that I’m going to move on to my first ever ARC Thief’s Magic. 🙂

    It makes me feel nostalgic listening to how many books you have on the go! I used to read up to six at a time, but these days three tends to be my max.

    Enjoy all your lovely books!

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