Review – The Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger, Bk 2)

dragon factoryThe Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger, Bk 2)

by Jonathan Maberry

I LOVED Patient Zero, I held onto this book for a while coveting that I had it to read, saving it for when I needed something that would knock my socks off…my expectations were too damn high.  But, it still is my favorite kind of thriller/paranormal/bad-ass hero/crazy insane bad guys genre, and Maberry is an awesome writer, so I did really like it.  But there were a ton of characters, time was weird (there was a LONG countdown and then we would go to a scene 3 weeks earlier, then 7 weeks earlier, etc interspersed with time flowing regularly).  So, because of that, the pacing felt off.  Things felt about to heat up, then we would get more information.

So, while I love the science of it and the crazy insane madman aspect, and the totally evil genetic experiment stuff coupled with my awesome hero who gives us a little more of his background, it didn’t flow right for me for a while.  I love those thrillers that grab your face and suck you into the book and don’t let go until it is over.  This one took more than half the book to get to the face grabbing part (even though it was interesting, I wasn’t freaking out with trying to stuff the story into my brain RIGHT NOW).  lol  What is the last book that did that to you?  Patient Zero was like that for me.

Anyway, there is a fun historical tie in, and lots of genetic experimentation which sort of makes you think about that stuff.  Is it right, are clones exactly like their original and all that stuff.  But there is tons of military action too, so I didn’t dwell on the genetic stuff too long.  It was bloody, lots of grenades and guns.  Some CRAZY scenes, some truly evil geniuses and the like.  If you like that thriller, sort of paranormal uber science stuff, check this series out.  Super fun.  Joe Ledger was more of an action hero in the first book (Patient Zero) and we see more humanity in this one.  We will see where he goes.  I am looking forward to the next book, The King of Plagues and will probably read it in a few months.  3.5 stars crossed with scorpions, their points drip poison and can kill within seconds.

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2 Responses to Review – The Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger, Bk 2)

  1. jenniferbielman says:

    I like the sound of crazy scenes and badass characters but I think this would disappoint me like it did you.

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