The Reburialists

reburialistsThe Reburialists by JC Nelson

So, this cover seduced me with its gritty, dystopian, military look.  The book turned out to have a lot of action scenes, some zombie types running about and a romance between the two main characters.

That’s cool, but it was a lot of wondering about the other person, fighting, stupid actions that pay off and fighting against authority.  Which is also cool, but since I was expecting something else, I was put off.  Then, when the dialogue became a little silly at times, I had a harder time forgiving it.

So, this is a fun book, light you might call it. (in a way that only dystopian/para/gritty/dark readers understand “light”).  lol.  Still lots of death, destruction, mayhem, crazy-pants action, sadness and the like.  A little weird, and I loved one character, the bad-ass from out of town, the others were ok.  Lots of hieroglyphics, confusion, something bad is going down and our heroes need to stop it or we will all die!!!!

Anyway, fun and crazy with a twist on the zombie/vampire story.  It seems like a stand alone, 3 dead, yet animated hands scratching at your door (not nearly as cute as Thing either).


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  1. Cathyi says:

    Hmmm, my sentiments exactly

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