Frivolous Fridays Nov 6, 2015

bookpoemI found this poem recently and thought I might share with all the other readers/adventurers out there.

Enjoy your weekend!

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A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

a man called oveOh Ove, you grumpy old coot.  How I enjoyed reading about you.

A Man Called Ove is a lovely, quiet story about a man who is not very happy.  All of his reasons life was enjoyable are gone.  But the story is not maudlin, even though some very sad things happen and it deals with some very sad issues.  It is kind of a celebration of life, of following through and reaching out before it is too late, and follows a man who on the outside looks and sounds mean but is wonderful inside.

How this book didn’t delve into a sappy, depressing Oprah pick, I don’t know (no dissing on Oprah, but you have to admit she likes them quite emotional and often depressing).  Most likely because like Ove, the writing is a little bit spartan. He doesn’t dwell, he moves.  He doesn’t bash you over the head, he sets it out there and has slightly humorous things happen at just the right time.  Lots of misunderstandings without it being slap-stick.  I will admit, I did cry, but I laughed a lot too and smiled hard while reading.  You know, that stupid smile you get and everyone wants to know why, but you can’t explain it without sounding like a maniac?  That smile.

Ove is a man who wonders why joggers have to be so pretentious and dress like they are gymnasts just to shuffle down the street.  He looks beyond the facade and expects those around him to do the same.  Or doesn’t care much what you think, actually.  He is a force of nature, yet can be predictable as clockwork.

It was a lovely story, my bookclub is reading it right now and I hope they enjoy it too.  I can’t wait to get my hands on My Grandmother Wants to Say She’s Sorry.  That also sounds amazing.  5 stars.  🙂

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Still Here, Routine Disruption

Dude, when I decide to laze about, not blogging, I am serious about it I guess!  Jeezo.  It is like I have been sucked into a time warp, or the land of missing left socks.  Time moves differently here.

Time warp - Picture courtesy

So, I have been reading.  I have been reading a lot actually.  But I haven’t been writing.  I wanted to, but that doesn’t count for much, now does it?  Even my goodreads reviews are pretty lame.  So, I am going to try to turn that around, again.  It’s ok, you don’t have to believe me.  But maybe, just maybe I will follow through.

I am in a funk, hence the reason I think I should blog again.  It is a bit like a journal, this blog.  Makes me feel better. Though it has been so long I don’t know how to use the site anymore!  I am fumbling about, lucky I started this post months and months ago…(time warp, remember?)

Book news for me – I tried The Accidental Alchemist and it is kind of a cozy mystery.  Not what I was looking for and not what the blurb or cover indicated.  Very upsetting.  So I started Delia’s Shadow by Jamie Lee Moyer, this one is a historical fiction mystery with ghosts – yay!  I am really enjoying it.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say Hi!  Hope you are all doing well.

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New Series worth checking out

Since I am in an individual book reviewing slump, I will recommend a few paranormal series I have been enjoying.

1. fatedThe Alex Verus books by Benedict Jacka.  If you like Harry Dresden by Jim Butcher, Alex Verus might be up your alley.  Male wizard, setting is London, owns a magic shop, has integrity in a world where other mages are power hungry.  Crazy stuff happens, magic creatures exist and he nearly gets killed in each book.  Very exciting, bad guys abound though the lines between good and bad are pretty blurred.  Makes you wonder every book who the “bad” guy really is.

generation v2. Generation V books – I love the side character, a kitsune who is hilarious and snarky and Fortitude the vampire lead is awesome.  The first book he was way too whiny, but he is growing up and learning how to take on responsibility and care for people, unlike his more bottom-line and power hungry family.  A modern day vampire with generation gap issues.  A little bit of romance, but mostly urban fantasy.

omens3.  Visions and Omens by Kelley Armstrong.  These books suck me in, chew me up and spit me out.  Serial killers, fae, gargoyles, who is good and who is bad and what the heck is going on?  We learn more in book two, but the pacing is awesome and metes out just enough details to make you slavering for more.  If you like paranormal mysteries, these are great with more to come.  Can’t wait for book 3.

œF$¿Æ‘$8Òò¤»däå¸R8BI4. I have only read the first book and it is only a trilogy, but Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach.  Our lead heroine isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes but she tries really hard and is pretty happy with who she is.  She is basically a mercenary/security person for hire on a spaceship.  What is going on?  Is everyone who they appear to be?  Urban fantasy in space.  Weird creatures, mysteries, action and near death experiences.

That is good for now, maybe I will talk YA next post.  What books have you been chewing on lately?

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Frivolous Friday – Nature

Hello all!  Looooooong time, no talk.  I think I lost my habit and I desperately need to get back into it.  Writing that is.  Work is going to require I write more soon and I need the casual feel of this place, so bear with me as I try to jump back in to business as usual.  Hope everyone is planning on a lovely holiday season full of parties, family and friends.  I just had a houseful for Thanksgiving.  It was crazy and so much fun. I love that holiday, you just over-cook and over-eat and hang out with people you enjoy (hopefully!).  Well, besides family, I had another visitor.  This little guy.  He showed up on Tuesday.


He wasn’t afraid of us and had a number on his leg.  So we looked up homing pigeons, fed and watered him and expected him to be on his way.  But no.  He was pecking around our yard the next day, and the next, and the next, and well you get it.  We called him Gerald. One day he almost walked in the door to hang out.

Today, Sunday, my in-laws need a good breakfast before they leave for home, so we go to brunch.  We get home around 12pm.  We pull into the driveway.  I open the car door.  A hawk flies by at eye level.  He is HUGE and only 5 feet from my head, so cool.  I turn and watch his flight.  He has a pigeon in his talons.  “A hawk got Gerald!” I cry and run up the stairs, throw open the door and sprint to the porch.  I am met with a crime scene.  Feathers, blood, things.  My in-laws are still down in the driveway looking at me like I am crazy.  “Whaaaaaat?!” they cry.  “A. Hawk. Got. Gerald!” I can’t remember the word for pigeon, why don’t they know what I am talking about?  Seriously.  Why don’t they run upstairs to obsess with me?  They remain down below looking at me.  Always with the looking.

I review the gore.  There is birdseed on the railing.  There are splotches here and there.  I want to turn away but I don’t want to either.  My stomach is churning.  Adrenaline is surging.  The dog follows me.  I grab his mouth and remove a feather.  My in-laws finally slowly approach me and ask me again what happened.  “The pigeon.  A hawk took the pigeon who has been hanging out with us.”  See, I can remember words.  I can speak normally.  Finally I say “I am sorry, I am very upset.” I think I even use my indoor voice.

My husband comes home.  I point at my dog Luke and throw ideas around.  He eventually gets the shop vacuum and cleans up the feathers.  We pack up my in-laws car, I smile and wave.  A hawk cries in the distance and the wild birds (including pigeons) scatter from the bird feeder.

Stupid nature.  But, I am thankful for the little time we had with a brainless feathered guy who couldn’t figure out he needed to go home.  Enjoy your friends, family and random visitors while you have them.  Life happens.

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Review – Bloodlines

bloodlinesBloodlines (Bloodlines, Bk 1)

By Richelle Mead

Finally, I am hoping Adrian gets his girl.  I LOVED Adrian from the Vampire Academy series and thought Rose was a bit wacked to be so stuck on Dimitri.  He was awesome, a bit messed up, but who wasn’t?!  So, I have been on a kick to reduce Mt. TBR and these books are HUGE so I decided I should start working on them as they take up more room than a little mass markets, and they are fun and easy and well written.  So there you go.

But I started it and got around 100 pages in, and it is easily read…but I got a little bored.  Nothing paranormal is happening, they could be normal kids at boarding school with daddy issues and friend problems.  Snooze.  So, I put it down for a while, talked to some people to find out if it is worth it and then picked it back up.  It turned out pretty good.  But it makes me hesitate before picking up book 2.  I think I still will especially since I own it and they are mindless and Mead writes really well.  But, Sydney is sort of a stick in the mud, and so is Jill.  We will see, I read and started this review a couple of months ago and still haven’t gotten to book 2 yet.  3 stars.


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Review – Now I See You

now i see youNow I See You

by Nicole Kear

We had to read this cute little memoir for bookclub.  It was good, it was quick, it was hilarious and easy to read.  But it was also kind of lacking for me.  Once I got towards the end, I was ready for her to do what needed doing and the book to end.  She told engaging stories and snippets from her life, and she worked in her failing eyesight to explain why she did certain things.  But maybe it wasn’t as in depth as I was hoping, or something.

Anyway, it was more surface and funny and while I could slightly empathize, I certainly don’t fully understand what it would be like to be in her shoes.  It is light entertainment, and I learned a few things, but ultimately, you realize just how much people delude themselves into thinking their coping mechanisms make sense.

BUT, I must say, the first half of the book was pretty dang funny. For some reason her description of childbirth was insanely funny to me.  I have never had a baby, so that is probably partially why.  Anyway, a nice diversion.  We barely spoke about it at bookclub, it was crazy, I think our book discussion lasted 5 minutes.  Not sure if it had to do with the book or the wine, but everyone liked it, it just did not provide much fodder for discussion.  3 stars that can’t shake your hand, not because they don’t have the peripheral vision to see your hand to shake it, but because they don’t have hands – duh.


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