Review – Shadow and Bone (Grisha, Bk 1)

shadow and boneShadow and Bone (Grisha, Bk 1)

By Leigh Bardugo

Wow, if you like YA, and some romancy bits, worlds with people that have paranormal powers and evil megalomaniacs trying to rule everyone, check this one OUT!

Alina grows up and comes into her powers in this book.  We also find out about this world, the people in it and who is running things.  Some folks are VERY magical, others are not.  The magical ones work for the king and the head magical guy is the Darkling.  Oooh, his name/title is perfect because who knows what his motivations are, he keeps himself separate from most so he is an enigma and he wears black.  So, well, it works.  He is a scary guy with lots of magic too, and Alina and he have a moment or two.  Because Alina, it turns out, has some coveted power and she might be able to help her land, woo hoo!  Let’s hear it for the super awesome powers given to the heroine – we all want to be her, or have her on our team!  But she struggles with, “who me/why me?” and has a hard time figuring herself out.

It is extremely exciting, lots of scary dark magic, human-eating creatures and death, treachery, some running and some trust issues.  I couldn’t put it down.  The love interest or two make sense and aren’t beaten into the ground, nor do they glare at each other or fight for the girl with dark looks and teen rivalry.  There are a few issues here and there, but whatever, I really enjoyed it.  I hear that more twists and turns happen and I cannot wait to open book two.  If you like action, magic, fantasy worlds, bits of romance, coming of age stories, conflict and adventure, check this series out.  I am going with 5 stars, I don’t give them out often, but for YA adventure paranormal magic awesomeness, a crazy world and a heroine that has enough problems to feel real, this fits the bill.  Plus, they didn’t stick two close up faces on the cover, I love that.  5 stars built of magical stag horns.

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Review – Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, Bk 2)

scarletScarlet (Lunar Chronicles, Bk 2)

by Marissa Meyer

The speed picks up in this one!  Danger, war, evil and little red riding hood, grandmother and her wolf.

The chapters switch between Cinder and Scarlet so there is a lot going on.  Only a little bit of time has passed since the last book and Cinder has to figure out what to do, and Scarlet needs to find her missing Grandmother.

Scarlet is a feisty one.  She is almost too feisty actually, she doesn’t stop and think, they just jumps right on into the action.  This makes her an interesting character for sure, but also a little bit tiring.  Wolf is very exciting and scary too, they sort of have an instant deep connection which is lame, but since the time line for this book isn’t very long, I guess it is the only way to fit it in and get a few things to happen.  Cinder is in a rough situation and trying to figure out what to do, her side kick is silly but brave and her love interest Kai, is also figuring things out.  Queen Levana is totally evil and she shows that side of herself quite a bit in this book, and the ending, ugh!  (Let me say, it ended fine, just there is a LOT that has to be done to hopefully get a satisfying ending, this IS only book 2 of 4)  The horrors that have happened and still await the world are daunting unless our intrepid heroines figure out what to do!

So, lots of action.  A couple of crazy new characters and the ones we have loved and hated are still wonderful or even more horrible.  The world is rough and violent and danger lurks everywhere.  If you like YA, dystopian-type stories, mixed up fairy tales, robots and lots of action, you might consider checking this series out.  I am VERY excited to get my hands on Cress.  While I enjoyed Cinder, I really got into Scarlet and can’t wait to see what happens next!  4 stars made out of homegrown tomatoes, nothing tastes like homegrown tomatoes!!

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Frivolous Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I am excited as I will be packing to get ready to go up North for my summer hiking vacation in the Sierras.  Here are a few pics from previous years to get us excited!  This year we might get afternoon thunder storms (hopefully just in the afternoon, that would be nice)  I am looking forward to thaIMG_2845t.   The pictures are of Mono Lake, Parker Lake and Lundy Canyon.



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WWW Wednesday

Share with us.  In the last week, what have you finished, what are you currently reading and what is up next?

shatter meshadow and boneI went wild this weekend and floated in the pool and read like a maniac.  Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi, Shadow and Bone (Grisha, Bk 1) by Leigh Bardugo, The October List by Jeffrey Deaver and MORE!  It was amazing and wonderful and it was sad when Monday rolled around.

this crumbling pageantI am currently reading quite a few books because I read the first chapter of a few paperbacks looking for pool worthy reads.  On my kindle I got a quarter of the way through This Crumbling Pageant though.  Now that I am on dry land I am hoping to have more time to get lost in historical, magical London.

Up next.  Well, I will be going on vacation next week so I have a stack of books that keep changing but I think Siege & Storm and Half-Off Ragnarok or Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet…they will all be wonderful choices.  I hope I have room in the car!

What are you reading this week?



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Review – The End is Nigh

end is nighThe End is Nigh (Apocalypse Triptych, Bk 1)

Edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey

A compilation of short stories about the end of the world, which is just about to happen.  The second book will be about it happening and the third, just after.

Some stories I liked better than others, but they were all different and well done.  I read them ALL!  Which, since I have a hard time with short stories sometimes, says a lot in either how much I love the subject matter, or just how good they all are.  I don’t read short stories often because you can’t bite and tuck in for a feed, they are only 20-30 minute snacks and then a new world.  You have so many characters to get to know in such a short amount of time…but they were compelling.  They were all different, who knew there were so many ways to end life as we know it?  Some had detailed explanations, others not so much.  They were fascinating and around the half way through mark, I had to set the book down to not get sucked into a mini despair.  (You know me and my emotional reading!  I was feeling bummed that the world had ended and kept ending in various creative ways…)

One story had me a little green around the gills, a few others bummed, some stunned in their creativity and I was a little bit turned off fruit for a minute.  (ok, I still flash back here and there but I still think about zombies when in the stairwell at work, so there you go).

Computers, man-made biologics, zombies, aliens, asteroids, you name it!  I really applaud the fact they are creating three of these books and self-publishing them (it does not read like it was self-published, the editing was awesome).  Can’t wait for the next one!!  4 super volcanoes ready to blow and end life civilization as we know it.

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Frivolous Fridays

I guess I haven’t been feeling very frivolous because I have totally been ignoring my Friday posts.  Well, let’s turn that around, shall we?

First of all, Happy Fourth of July America!  Hope you enjoy your parades, fireworks and fun.  Be safe.

Second, my dad, who lives in Arizona, sent me this picture.  They have been having hot, hot weather, just had a little thunderstorm and found this leviathan taking advantage of the puddles.  The folks are going to get to hear some happy “singing” tonight!   Hope you all enjoy your weekends.


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Review – Girl of Nightmares (Anna, Bk 2)

girl of nightmaresGirl of Nightmares (Anna, Bk 2)

Kendare Blake

Worthwhile to read since I loved the first book so much, but I didn’t love this one like that one.  Why?  Not enough Anna or scary paranormal parts.

Though I do like Thomas and Carmel and Cas, I liked them better when they were ghost hunters bumbling about.  Now they are teens dealing with the aftermath of the first book, bumbling about.  Call me crazy, but it isn’t as exciting.

But otherwise the story is a little floppy for a while.  Who knows what is going on and it isn’t that exciting until it starts to move and things fall into place and then it crazy and fast!  You just have to get through more than half to start getting excited about anything.  Though there is one scene in the first half which is tense, but it is over too fast.

So, I casually read the first part and continued reading because I read reviews that said “keep reading”.  Otherwise it was a teen kind of “adults say don’t do that, but the kids do anyway” story with a few exciting bits.  I have read too many YA books lately to care much.  I love my YA but the angst and ignoring, and I am smarter than the adults (which is all realistic) just gets blah.  SO, I was very excited to get to the out of this world paranormal parts which were super fun and a tad bit confusing.

An unbalanced story for me.  But a satisfying conclusion.  Not sure if Blake will continue on in this world, if she does I would hope Cas finds a new scary ghost to bond with, but not sure that would happen.  Anyway, 3.5 black obsidian ghost killer stars that are as mysterious as they are effective.


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