Review – Bloodlines

bloodlinesBloodlines (Bloodlines, Bk 1)

By Richelle Mead

Finally, I am hoping Adrian gets his girl.  I LOVED Adrian from the Vampire Academy series and thought Rose was a bit wacked to be so stuck on Dimitri.  He was awesome, a bit messed up, but who wasn’t?!  So, I have been on a kick to reduce Mt. TBR and these books are HUGE so I decided I should start working on them as they take up more room than a little mass markets, and they are fun and easy and well written.  So there you go.

But I started it and got around 100 pages in, and it is easily read…but I got a little bored.  Nothing paranormal is happening, they could be normal kids at boarding school with daddy issues and friend problems.  Snooze.  So, I put it down for a while, talked to some people to find out if it is worth it and then picked it back up.  It turned out pretty good.  But it makes me hesitate before picking up book 2.  I think I still will especially since I own it and they are mindless and Mead writes really well.  But, Sydney is sort of a stick in the mud, and so is Jill.  We will see, I read and started this review a couple of months ago and still haven’t gotten to book 2 yet.  3 stars.


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Review – Now I See You

now i see youNow I See You

by Nicole Kear

We had to read this cute little memoir for bookclub.  It was good, it was quick, it was hilarious and easy to read.  But it was also kind of lacking for me.  Once I got towards the end, I was ready for her to do what needed doing and the book to end.  She told engaging stories and snippets from her life, and she worked in her failing eyesight to explain why she did certain things.  But maybe it wasn’t as in depth as I was hoping, or something.

Anyway, it was more surface and funny and while I could slightly empathize, I certainly don’t fully understand what it would be like to be in her shoes.  It is light entertainment, and I learned a few things, but ultimately, you realize just how much people delude themselves into thinking their coping mechanisms make sense.

BUT, I must say, the first half of the book was pretty dang funny. For some reason her description of childbirth was insanely funny to me.  I have never had a baby, so that is probably partially why.  Anyway, a nice diversion.  We barely spoke about it at bookclub, it was crazy, I think our book discussion lasted 5 minutes.  Not sure if it had to do with the book or the wine, but everyone liked it, it just did not provide much fodder for discussion.  3 stars that can’t shake your hand, not because they don’t have the peripheral vision to see your hand to shake it, but because they don’t have hands – duh.


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Frivolous Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I am still spotty on here, can’t seem to get back in the swing of a schedule…but I wanted to share that we have had SO MANY praying mantis sightings in the yard.  I don’t know if the lack of water is bringing them out or what.  But the other morning a big fat mama was running across my bedroom floor.  Scared the hell outta me since I didn’t have my contacts in yet and it looked like a big jerusalem cricket.  (Those things creep me OUT!).

Anyway, check out this photographic fella hanging out on a bottle of bubbles.  mantisWe had a green one hang out on our screen door, but the picture is still on the camera.  We put one on the wood pile.  The one in my bedroom got chucked into the bushes outside, and there are a few more living in the garden.  lol.  You would think all the bugs would be gone, but alas, no.

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Review – Frost Burned

frost burnedI finally read Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs during my blogging hiatus.  It was quite good.  LOL

Mercy is on her own to save the pack and her husband Adam.  They have been kidnapped and all Mercy knows is that Adam is in pain.  This is one of the first Urban Fantasy series I started back when I used to read more adult contemporary fiction than this type of thing. I blame Patricia Briggs on this urban fantasy, paranormal addiction.

Anyway, Mercy is a great character.  She is strong, wily and tenacious and she has gone through many trials which only make her stronger.  Briggs also has created extremely well rounded side characters that are enjoyable and interesting.  The world is well fleshed and there are many characters of dubious nature.  One book they can be enemies, the next asking for help.  Even though there are faeries and vampires, it is just like life.

Anyway, a strong addition to the series.  Though Mercy is running around looking for help, the pack plays a main part in this story.  If you like urban fantasy and haven’t read Briggs for some reason, you should try these, though definitely read them in order.  4.5 stars that eat ghosts.  Seriously creepy.

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Review – Third – Fifth Graves

third gravefourth graveThird Grave Dead Ahead through Fifth Grave Past the Light

by Darynda Jones

I read these three books during my blogging black hole so I am combining them as more of a series review.  Oh my goodness, once I get into the swing of these books and into the flow of how Charley thinks and talks, it is hilarious.  She cracks me up.  She is sort of a snarky teen with ADD and a serious addiction to tall, dark and angelic/demonic.

fifth graveThere are mysteries to be solved.  Someone is killing someone else.  Charley’s relationship with her romantic interest Reyes is always sexy and interesting.  Cookie is hilarious, her family has its ups and downs and eventually you even get a little insight into the evil step-monster.  So, the characters make the books for me.  Throw in a mystery, someone out to kill Charley (either human or demonic) and it is awesome.  Plus add the police procedural stuff with Uncle Bob and even his boss trying to figure out how Charley ends up solving so many cases, with Charley and others in the thick of things.  Yea baby, too much fun.

I think what I like about these, is that while Charley is a grim reaper, she is anything but grim.  She says those cheesy lines you think up in your head and never say.  It usually pop culture meets naughty vixen, meets a real person running on too much coffee.  Some books are a little slower than others, but even when Charley is depressed, she eventually gets herself into some ridiculous scrape and pulls her ice cream eating butt out of the funk.  You gotta love it.  There are some books with more racy scenes than others, and while Reyes and Charley do have an on-again off-again relationship, it doesn’t revolve around that stuff.

So, if you like paranormal-lite, humor and some silliness, you can’t go wrong with this series.  I am hoping to get my hands on the Sixth Grave installment soon.  Some books are better than others, I think Three was a bit slow, but I still ate it up quickly.  They are usually 4 to 4.5 stars cause they are perfect distractions from every day life.  Both my mom and sister have been made to read the first one, but they keep asking me for the next one…so I think they like them too.  :)


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New Projects

purple daisy

It is amazing how quickly time flies.  I was stressed, work was nuts, family was coming and going and I couldn’t keep up.  So I stopped blogging and keeping up with goodreads.  It felt good to let it go.  Ok, who am I kidding?  I felt guilty too.  But hey, I saved myself some time!  So, I am trying to get back into it now.  This morning while trying to log in, I realized that I forgot my password to my wordpress account AND my blogging gmail account!!  That was a wake-up call.  I was kind of freaking out, but luckily everything is attached to my cell phone these days and I could reset things.  So here I am.

So, I need to catch up.  I read a lot while I was flying under the radar, but I didn’t write anything down.  I barely even marked it “read” on goodreads.  So, I guess I had a reading black out.  You know, like when you drink too much and forget most of the evening?  Only my blackout spans a few weeks and focuses around books.  Crazy I tell you.  After all this logging, reporting and discussing…to go to nothing.  It is like after you finish school and no longer have English class to discuss your books, I felt a little adrift then, much like I do now.  So I am going to try to delve back into the folds of my brain, find the ideas and comments that are hiding like the guys in The Hangover find on that camera and do a review.  (All these drinking references, but I am just going to roll with it.)

So, I am going to try to discuss a few books with you over the next few days.  That will be a bit of a herculean effort as I will be traveling for work soon, running an Open House and meeting with other book friends in Washington, DC, but I feel like I need to.  It will be a cathartic cleanse of thoughts, words, rants and ramblings.  Take that as a warning, things might not make much sense for a while, but when do they, really?  I hope it will be interesting though it certainly will for me!  So, memory lane folks.  Remember, memories turn a bit hazy, the sharp edges are gone and books end up with reviews like, “it was good”.  I will do my best, but I can’t promise much.

And now for my random bit of non-book ramble, I pulled out my oil paints last weekend!  It was so nice!  I have never painted all that much, but I always wanted to.  My problem is that I want to churn out amazing paintings and I know in reality, that just won’t happen without practice (kind of like writing stories!!) so I do nothing.  So I bought a couple of cheap canvases, squeezed out some paint and did a little purple daisy.  No masterpiece but I had the BEST time!  And, just to show I am cutting myself slack and trying to just be proud of my accomplishments, I posted it at the top.  Yay me.  lol  (On the right you can see a few books and if you look behind them, you can barely see I started another painting which looks like a blob but will hopefully end up a water dragon.  We will see how that turns out, I need to find some time to devote to messing with it, so it might be a few weeks before I have anything to report.)

Happy Weekend everyone!!  Hope you are all doing amazingly well.  Cheers!



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Review – The 100 by Kass Morgan

the 100The 100 (Bk 1)

by Kass Morgan

I didn’t even know about this book until everyone wanted it on my swap site.  I guess there is a TV show.  Anyway, future dystopia aboard a spaceship orbiting Earth.  We blew ourselves to kingdom come, but before that happened some of humanity made it off Earth.  It is now 300 years later and they are sending their juvenile delinquents to Earth to see if it is habitable…will they survive?

Told from multiple points of view this story covers a few couples’ stories.  Everyone has a secret, no one is perfect and life aboard this spaceship is harsh!  No thanks.

It is a little Lord of the Flies meets Melrose Place (hahaha, just kidding, but sort of not).  Anyway, very entertaining.  If you like YA with some couple issues, dystopia, space and struggling to survive in harsh environments it is good.  My thing is it was hard to remember who was who and did what.  These kids ended up in jail for stupid but important things (when you are trying to keep humanity alive on a spaceship that doesn’t expand) and there are a lot of flashbacks so you can understand why one is mad at the other.  This means a lot has happened, but not a ton happens in the now.  You also have a lot of set up and worldbuilding to get through.  So, the next book will probably have a lot more action, especially since this book ends on a juicy “oh no!” pause.  It is good, it has plenty of stuff going on.  I am just having a hard time with YA and dystopia and paranormal these days.  I think I have overdone it and need a bit of a break, maybe a long old historical fiction, or a freak me out thriller.  Hmmmmm.  Anyway, this is a 3.5 comets blasting past the spaceship, be sure to get a good viewing spot from the deck.

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